Circle of Light Origins

The Circle of Light is a group of people who is harnessing our power, privilege and passions to create community, inspire hope and push forward with action.  The group’s primary focus is social justice efforts that can be acted on locally with a conversation regarding how those actions can translate to the national level. The gatherings provide a space for us to foster community, educate ourselves and inspire specific relevant actions. We bring together field experts for our Circle discussions, focusing on different topics that we feel needs a voice, in some cases due to the current administration’s actions or a general de-prioritizing in the national agenda.  We are 1000+ strong locally and around the country.

Heather Nodelman, Circle Initiator and Community Organizer

Circle of Light was an idea I came up with after you-know-who stepped into office, a way to move forward out of the brief yet deep depression I felt.  I needed to BE with people, to talk, to sing, to ACT.  I needed to celebrate community and I needed to rely on community.  I pulled from my church-going roots to create a type of fellowship I now craved in my life again.  When I see us assembled, shining happy faces together in person in one space, ready to listen, motivate, observe, interrogate our own thoughts, celebrate our wins, express gratitude for each other and the hope we feel for a brighter day, my light glows.  My light is a reflection of YOU.

In addition to my work with Circle of Light, I am a co-parent of twin girls and co-operating officer, alongside my partner, of my household and family.  I enjoy GATHERING friends and community together to SERVE community; two of my favorite places to serve and get to know my neighbors include Glide Memorial and Richmond Neighborhood Center.  I also serve on the Expansion Cabinet for Emerge America, dedicated to recruiting and training Democratic women to run for office at all levels of government across the nation, and FUTURES Without Violence Council, dedicated to ending violence against women and children around the world and currently focused on the creation of a Courage Museum in the Presidio of San Francisco. I hail from Dalton, Georgia, and have called San Francisco home for 20 years.  Previously, I taught Japanese and clogging, and worked as a public relations manager for technology companies. According to my daughters, my spirit animal is a dolphin who does yoga.  The ocean and redwood forests are two of my happy places, particularly while writing haiku.  To really get my groove on, I enjoy twirling fire and beating on drums.  I am filled up when I can get lost in a good movie, dig into a good book and reflect in writing on my own journey. I recently had my first haiku published, in a new resource honoring the woman within the mother called Woman Born.