Circle of Light Origins

The Circle of Light is a group of people who is harnessing our power, privilege and passions to create community, inspire hope and push forward with action.  The group’s primary focus is social justice efforts that can be acted on locally with a conversation regarding how those actions can translate to the national level. The monthly gatherings provide a space for us to foster community, educate ourselves and inspire specific relevant actions. We bring together field experts for our Circle discussions, focusing each month on a different topic that we feel needs a voice, in some cases due to the current administration’s actions or a general de-prioritizing in the national agenda.  We are 400+ strong locally and around the country.

Heather Nodelman, Circle Initiator and Community Organizer

To give you a little more background on me and how I got here, I was a big supporter/donor/volunteer for Hillary.  I contributed financially and was a part of Team Hillary’s Finance Committee, worked the phone banks and wrote and spoke my heart out to try and do what I could to help get her elected.  I am from rural North Georgia so a divided Facebook feed meant that I tried to connect with “the other side” but it was such a daunting task that I often felt hopeless; still I was CERTAIN “love would prevail.”  I was distraught, as so many of us were, things ended as they did and we are where we are today.  In an effort to move beyond my election PTSD, I learned many others were also feeling helpless and not knowing what we could do. This led to my creating a support group of sorts so we could come together in person, lean on one another, know we aren’t alone and in the end, come up with real concrete actions we can move forward on to know we are truly doing what we can to help fight fascism and preserve the core values we have come to expect as citizens of a free country.

Currently, I live in San Francisco and work full time as a mom of twin daughters who are in 1st grade.  Previous positions held include Japanese teacher in the Bay Area, English teacher in Japan, clogging instructor for kids and adults and technology public relations manager.  I have a B.A. in International Relations from The George Washington University.  During college, I interned at the State Department under Secretary Albright, White House during President Bill Clinton’s Administration and on the Hill.  To power and reboot myself, I enjoy dancing (specifically clogging), kickboxing, swimming, snuggles and playtime with my kiddos and hubby, reading, movies and being outside.